What Is the value of a detailed testimonial?
  • Generating Revenue For Years To Come
  • Creating Instant Trust & Rapport
 We Call & Get
Detail Rich Testimonials
  •   Capture Your Clients' Results: We call 5 clients
  •   We Dig to Get the Details: As a 3rd party, your clients tell us things they won't tell you
  •   Leverage Your Clients: Clients telling your story creates INSTANT Trust and Rapport
  •   We Get Them Done: No longer pester your clients for a testimonial and then wait, and wait...
Leverage Your
Current Clients
Create Trust & Rapport,
Attract Leads, Convert Appointments 
& Close Sales
Detailed Testimonials Are Your Clients Delivering Part of Your Presentation
WE DO The Work!
“OnFire Reviews helped me get at least four new clients being able to insert a testimonial and say, ‘Well, here’s what my other clients are saying.’”  
- Cyndi Stout, Owner, Promoz
Here's How It Works
Find Out What Your Clients Have to Say
You think that you know all the specific reasons that people buy from you; you might be surprised. Here is an example: Promoz sells promotional items. When we spoke to their clients, they told us how their graphic looked was critical. They wouldn't even consider buying from anybody else, even if it was cheaper. Now, Promoz just thought that was obvious. However, it's not the norm in their industry. They now know how important this is to their clients and they use that information in their marketing.
You might be surprised
Have You Asked for A Testimonial & Waited & Waited?
Because it's only a 5-10 minute phone call, we get reviews from people who do not have the time to write a review or get in front of a camera. 
“All of our clients are busy running their businesses. Made it really easy for them, in a non-intimidating way, to be able to provide feedback about their experience.” 
Trevor Turnbull, 30 Day Sales Machine
Quotes vs. Compliments
Many testimonials only contain compliments. 
Compliments say, “You’re Awesome.” Quotes DETAIL WHY. 
No more fluffy testimonials
“A third party gives you a better chance to get honest and more true to life testimonials.” 
Dr. Bill Williams, Owner of Solstice Dental Advisors
Concise Quotes Are Impactful
When you have concise quotes from your clients, they build instant trust and rapport. When those quotes have DETAILS you can hook prospects with specifically WHY they need your product or service. This attracts leads, converts leads to appointments, and closes more sales faster.
“I'm seeing a shorter sale cycle. The more people learn to trust me,
and see what I've done for other people, the fewer objections they have.” 
Alex Branning, Branning Group
As a 3rd Party We Can Dig for Detailed Quotes
As a 3rd Party We Can Dig for those details. Our clients tell us that as a 3rd party their clients tell us things they didn’t tell them and we can dig for the why. We get the quotes that they could not have gotten on their own. Many people find it awkward to ask their clients directly for quotes and details. 
Even if you do ask, we get better content
“They to the heart of it, pulls back the onion layers, if you will, and get to the core of, 
‘Why was it good? Why was it different?’ I don’t know how they do it, but I sure can’t.” 
Cyndi Stout, Owner, Promoz
How We Do It 
First, we guide you through a brainstorming process to determine what you want your clients to talk about. 
Next, we call 3 of your clients and have a conversation over the phone. We direct the conversation to dig for the details that you want in your quotes. 
We always let your clients know we are recording the calland ask for permission for you to use what they say in your marketing.
“They ask a client questions that get great answers. 
They have the system down and it just makes it easy for the client to give reviews.”
Arvee Robinson, Arvee Robinson International
Quotes = $
To recap the benefits… 
Your CLIENTS TELL YOUR STORY IN THEIR OWN WORDS providing an authentic message that makes an emotional connection. 
You CONVERT MORE PROSPECTS by build instant trust and rapport. 
Also, you GET MORE REFERRALS because people want to refer you not sell for you. 
And, you SHORTEN your SALES CYCLE by providing references throughout the sales process.
“Clients and referral partners hearing testimonials from the mouths of your own clients is invaluable and very impactful.”
Sarah Brown, FranNet Franchise Specialist
Basic Package Details
Basic Package - Get Detail Rich Testimonials
  •   We guide you through the WOW Session brainstorming process to determine what you want your clients to talk about
  •   We call 3 of your clients and have a conversation with them over the phone. 
  •   We send you the audio of the call, so you hear exactly what your clients are saying about why they buy from you
  •   You get our eBook showing you 25+ unique ways to use your testimonials to grow your business. Ideas you haven’t heard before
“It's hard to ask for testimonials. It’s worth the money because 
your clients are saying great things about you and that has a lot more weight.” 
Gary Wilbers, Owner, Ascend Business Strategies
Premium Package
Upgrade to Written
Audio is Good...
Written is Even Better
When you upgrade, you have the written textof the best parts 
of the conversation to use in your marketing
to use right away in creating instant trust and rapport
Why CHECKED & BOLDED Written Transcripts?
Every transcript is checked against the audio by a live person because transcription is not perfect. You get what they actually said. We also go through the transcript and bold the best parts. This highlights the quotes. A compliment says, “you’re awesome” A quote details why. 
We’ve done this for 1000’s of interviews and have the expertise to know what to keep in and what fluff is not needed. This way you get concise quotes and have what text to use in your marketing. We do it for you. 
“I can talk for hours about how fabulous our products are, but to boil it down into 
specific statements that resonate with people is very helpful.”
Julie Natzke, Marketing Manager, Senior Living Solutions at MatrixCare
We Schedule the Calls
With this package we contact your clients for you to schedule their feedback call. First, we send an email that includes a link to our calendar - We ‘CC’ you to keep you in the loop. Next, if they haven't scheduled, we call them explaining who we are and that you requested we contact them. Or, you can get them scheduled onto our calendar - we'll provide you a link.
"They do all the work of getting the testimonials. All I had to do was send them
a list of clients that I would like them to call and interview.” 
Alexis Courtney, Owner of Cookie Cutters & FranNet Franchise Specialist
Using Detail Rich Testimonials
Our clients are using the quotes in everything from their website, emails, sales funnels and sales presentations. It’s like having your clients give part of your presentation for you. Where can you add a quote to support or even replace a statement your making? Let your clients do the selling for you. For additional ideas you get our eBook showing you 25+ unique ways to use your testimonials to grow your business. Ideas you haven’t heard before.
“It's hard to ask for testimonials. It’s worth the money because your
clients are saying great things about you and that has a lot more weight.”
Gary Wilbers, Owner, Ascend Business Strategies
Premium Package Details
Premium Package - Let us do it all for you.
Our clients really appreciate getting it off of their to do list. We have 5 client conversations where we dig for the quotes you need in your marketing.We'll check the transcripts against the audio, so you get what your clients actually said AND, we bold the best parts. We also schedule the phone calls with your clients. Now you have 5 powerful, and concise testimonials from your clients that create instant trust and rapport.
“Your prospect gets insight into what your customers have experienced giving them the ability to see the value in what you're offering before you bring it to the table yourself.”
Patrick Long, Owner, BizPal
“OnFire Reviews gets clients to open up and share their experiences. It’s very hard for me to go, ‘Hey, can you tell me how good I was?’”
- Gary Prenevost, FranNet
FYI: We Also Do Video Testimonials...  
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