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What If prospects picked up the phone and chased you down?
Easily Get Amazing Testimonials From All Your Clients 
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“These testimonials will continue to generate revenue for decades to come. They're timeless." 
Tom Poland, Leadsology
Businesses Share How Fantastic The Testimonials That We Dropped In Their Lap Are
EASILY Get Powerful Testimonials
  • Easily Capture Your Clients' Results: We call your clients to get their praise about you on record
  • ​ Short Phone Call: As a 3rd party, we make it comfortable for your clients to shower you with praise
  • ​ Your Clients Gush About You: Quotes that create INSTANT Trust and Rapport before you even interact with a prospect
  • ​ Effortless: No longer pester your clients for a testimonial and then wait, and wait...
“OnFire Reviews has helped me get at least four new clients being able to insert a testimonial and say, ‘Well, here’s what my other clients are saying.’” Cyndi Stout, Owner, Promoz
What if you had your best client’s success stories documented?
(without you contacting them)
Do your testimonials compel prospects to chase you down?
Many testimonials only contain compliments. 
Compliments say, “You’re Awesome.” Quotes DETAIL WHY. 
  • ​Would you rather have success stories that are Compliments or Quotes?
  • ​What if your testimonials shared about ALL the great things you did for your clients (not just fluffy compliments)?
  • ​Do you have concise, detailed success stories that compel prospects to chase you down?
  • ​Imagine easily getting Amazing Testimonials from your clients dropped in your lap

“Prospective buyers are able to see what others are saying. We have testimonials saying tremendous things & use them throughout the sales process; extremely shortens the sales cycle.”Patrick Hart, VP, MatrixCare
What If You Had From The Heart Recordings Of Clients Telling Why Your Business Is Great?
  • ​Your clients enjoy telling us ALL the things they love about you 
  • ​We make it easy and comfortable for your clients
  • ​By gently guiding the conversation, we get quotes straight from their heart
We've talked to 1000's of clients who told us in detail why they bought
“We’re all needing to self-promote. When someone really explains how you’ve been helpful, it does connect with people, much more so than if they were just listening to a sales pitch from me.”
Todd Tolly, Owner, TeamLogic IT
Your prospects believe what people say about you vs. you tooting your own horn!
  • ​Clients telling your story in their own words provides an authentic message that makes an emotional connection
  •  Create instant trust & rapport before interacting with prospects
  •  Get Clients To Pick Up The Phone And Chase You Down!
Testimonials are timeless
Use them for the life of your company:
  •  Increase engagement on your website
  • ​Make persuasive social media posts
  • ​Increase your close ratio - MORE SALES
“I have been using the reviews on the order form of my funnels and I'm seeing a big increase in closing.” 
Alex Branning, Branning Group
“I'm all about repurposing. They give you so many ideas that you would never think of on your own in a million years.” Arvee Robinson, Keynote Speaker
Ideas On Using Your Testimonials
How many months or years have your procrastinated getting testimonials?
Our clients are also smart people who haven't done it either. Some were concerned about imposing on their clients. Others were uncomfortable asking people to toot their horn. Because we have done 1000s of interviews we have the experience to get your clients comfortably talking. 
  • ​We have a super easy way to document your client’s success stories!
  • ​On your behalf, we contact your clients to get the incredible testimonials  you deserve!
  •  Busy clients appreciate that it is a short phone call & they enjoyed doing it!
“All of our clients are busy running their businesses. OnFire made it really easy for them, in a non-intimidating way, to be able to provide feedback about their experience.” 
Trevor Turnbull, 30 Day Sales Machine
Imagine having testimonials so good
that prospects are throwing credit cards in your face?
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Clients Talk About Using Their Testimonials 
“I’ve started using OnFire Reviews in my proposals. I’m not having to preach what we do here; my clients are telling them firsthand."
- JB Bryant, SiteStaff
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