Detailed Testimonials Are Just Like
 Clients Delivering Part of Your Presentation
Testimonials Close Sales
  •   Client tell your story to build INSTANT trust and rapport - people become familiar with you
  •   Concise testimonials with DETAILS hook prospects
  •   No longer pester your clients for a testimonial, and then wait and wait... WE GET THEM DONE
  •   Have your best clients DELIVER part of your sales presentation for you!
Leverage Your Current Clients
Concise Testimonials Attract Leads, Convert Appointments & Close Sales
  •   Our clients have results right away with ROI within 1 to 2 months
  •   Clients are showing a 10% + increase in their closing ratio
HubSpot Social Media Marketing Study said that 55% of people consume video content and 43% of people want to see more video content from marketers.
“Video testimonials really helped me close deals and was better than just a written review.”
- Alex Branning, Branning Group
Hear What Your Clients Are Saying
5 Client Calls
We call your clients for you...
  • It's only a 5-10 minute phone call. We get reviews from people who do not have the time to write a review or get in front of a camera. 
  •  We get permission to record the phone call, "Is it ok if I record this call, so I don't have to take notes?"
  •  We want to make the call more of a conversation than a survey. First we ask, "Why did you choose to work with <company> and tell me about your experience." 
  •  We direct the conversation using the statements from your WOW session to get specific quotes you want. 
  •  Because we are a 3rd party, we can dig to get the details. It can be awkward if you ask directly. 
  •  We get your client's approval to use their quotes in your marketing.
When someone interacts with your testimonials they are 58% more likely to convert.
“OnFire Reviews gets clients to open up and share their experiences. It’s very hard for me to go, ‘Hey, can you tell me how good I was?’”
- Gary Prenevost, FranNet
Add Concise Written Testimonials
5 Written Testimonials
WE DO IT ALL, so you don't have to...
  •  From your client calls, we pull out the best parts of the conversation, so you don't have to listen to the call and decide what to use. We use 2-3 minutes out of the 5-10 minute conversation. 
  •  With audio instead of video, it's easier to edit out the distracting 'you knows,' 'uhms,' and extra words. We take your clients' exact words to make quotes that are concise yet heartfelt. 
72% of consumers will make a purchasing decision after reading a positive review!
“The videos help shorten the sales cycles of new business development. It’s a new look that’s not only visual but it’s audio."
- Patrick Hart, MatrixCare
Upgrade to Video Testimonials!
15+ Videos
Turn 5 Written Testimonials into 5 Videos
  • We turn your powerful written quotes into videos with people telling your story in their own voice; providing an emotional connection
  •   With audio instead of video, it's easier to edit out the distracting 'you knows,' 'uhms,' and extra words. We take your clients' exact words to make quotes that are concise yet heartfelt. 
  •  For each quote, you get the audio and an image file
10+ WOW Videos
  • A WOW Video is compiled of quotes from multiple clients sharing about a specific subject that addresses an objection or highlights a sales point
  •  Having a video from one person is great; WOW videos are even more powerful
  •  For example, if your selling point is that you save people time, then your WOW video is compiled of quotes from different people sharing in detail how you saved them time
“I got at least four new clients by inserting a testimonial and saying, ‘Here’s what my clients are saying.’ A verbal testimonial versus a written one is a huge benefit.”
- Cyndi Stout, Owner, Promoz
Now that you have Videos... Use Them
Using your Testimonials
  •  10 WOW videos 
  •  5 individual client videos  
  •  5 individual client written testimonials  
  •  20+ graphics to use on social media
We Provide:
  •  'How to Use' meeting
  •  Six 1-hour meetings to help implement
  •  Quotes broken into snippets that can be used everywhere 
  •  An email from us to 50 of your prospects highlighting your videos
The Most Important Thing About Having Quotes &
Amazing Video Testimonials Is Using Them to
We focus on:
  •  Specifically, how to use your quotes and videos in your sales process.
  •  Exciting and unique ways to build instant trust and rapport, increase leads, convert them into appointments, shorten the sales cycle, and close sales. 
  •  Passive vs. Active : Most people use their testimonials passively on the testimonial page of their website. This is good, however we show you how using testimonials actively to close sales is so much effective.
According to Demand Gen Report, 97% of B2B buyers feel that user-generated content, like consumer reviews, are more credible than other types of content.
“OnFire Reviews takes the clients that you already have, that are happy with their experience, and turn it into a referral to send to anyone at any point in time.”
- Alexis Courtney, FranNet
Want Live Video?
“Testimonial videos definitely help us close sales. Customers are listening to them and mention the videos they watch.”
- Peter Thorpe, Owner - FireAvert
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