Video Testimonials Close Sales
  •  Clients telling your story builds INSTANT trust and rapport
  •  Concise testimonials with DETAILS hook prospects
  •  No longer pester your clients for a testimonial and then wait, and wait... WE GET THEM DONE
Cost Effective Video Testimonials 
Without Putting Clients in Front of a Camera 
“Being able to hear the video testimonial in the client’s voice is so powerful and very authentic. You can hear their emotion and genuine appreciation for my services. It really helped me close deals and was better than just a written review.”
- Alex Branning, Branning Group
Step 1: The WOW Session
The ‘secret sauce’ behind our OnFire Written and Video Reviews is the WOW session. This is the first step in getting the quotes that are more than just compliments. Compliments say, “You’re Awesome.” Quotes detail WHY you are awesome. 

We need to determine precisely what WOWs clients about  your product or service. Then we can direct the conversations to get quotes that clearly detail why people choose your company. This clarifies what you want your perfect testimonials to say.
First we brainstorm about...
  • the specific reasons that people chose you 
  • exactly what you want your clients to say   
  • the objections you might be hearing 
As with any brainstorming session, having the input of the right people on the call creates the best outcome. We also give you a quick overview, so you will be comfortable with us contacting your clients. 
Then we edit the verbiage...
When we meet online again, we’ll finalize the typed-up list of your Quotes / Statements to get the best verbiage. We use these phrases to direct the conversation.
Your WOW Videos...
We now have the topics for your WOW videos. This is where multiple clients share about a specific subject that addresses an objection or highlights a sales point.
“Have a WOW Session with OnFire Reviews because they’re great at digging and honing in on the value that you give to your clients.”
- JB Bryant, SiteStaff
Now that the WOW Session is complete...
Step 2: We Have a Conversation with Your Clients
We call your clients for you...
  • It's only a 5-10 minute phone call. We get reviews from people who do not have the time to write a review or get in front of a camera. 
  •  We get permission to record the phone call, "Is it ok if I record this call, so I don't have to take notes?"
  •  We want to make the call more of a conversation than a survey. First we ask, "Why did you choose to work with <company> and tell me about your experience." 
  •  We direct the conversation using the statements from your WOW session to get specific quotes you want. 
  •  Because we are a 3rd party we can dig to get the details. It can be awkward if you ask directly. 
  •  We get your client's approval, so you can use their quotes in your marketing.
“OnFire Reviews gets clients to open up and share their experiences. It’s very hard for me to go, ‘Hey, can you tell me how good I was? What did you like and didn’t like?’”
- Gary Prenevost, FranNet
Once we have called your clients...
Step 3: We Create Video Testimonials for You!
WE DO IT ALL, so you don't have to...
  • From a transcript, we pull out the best parts of the conversation, so you don't have to listen to the call and decided what to use. We'll use 2-3 minutes out of the 5-10 minute conversation. 
  •  With audio instead of video, it's easier to edit out the distracting 'you knows,' 'uhms,' and extra words. We take your client's exact words to make quotes that are concise and at the same time heartfelt. 
  •  We also turn your powerful quotes into videos with people telling your story in their own voice. Hearing their voice provides an emotional connection.
“It’s a new look that’s not only visual but it’s audio. The video adds another element where not only do you hear what someone is saying, but you see what they’re saying. It helps shorten the sales cycles of new business development."
- Patrick Hart, MatrixCaret
Now that you have individual client videos...
Step 4: We Create Your WOW Videos
What is a WOW Video?
  • A WOW Video is compiled of quotes from multiple clients sharing about a specific subject that addresses an objection or highlights a sales point.
  •  Having a video from one person is great; WOW videos are even more powerful.
  •  For example, if your selling point is that you save people time, then your WOW video is compiled of quotes from different people sharing in detail how you saved them time. 
“I got at least four new clients by inserting a testimonial and saying, ‘Here’s what my clients are saying.’ A verbal testimonial versus a written one is a huge benefit.”
- Cyndi Stout, Owner, Promoz
Step 5: 'How to Use' Session
Using your Testimonials
At your 'How to Use' online meeting we go over all the different pieces of content you have with you and your team:
  •  10 WOW videos we created for you
  •  5 individual client videos  
  •  5 individual client written testimonials  
  •  20+ graphics to use on social media
We discuss:
  •  Specifically, how to use your quotes and videos in your sales process
  •  Exciting and unique ways to build instant trust and rapport, increase leads, convert them into appointments, shorten the sales cycle, and close sales. 
  •  Passive vs. Active : Most people use their testimonials passively on the testimonial page of their website. This is good, however we show you how using testimonials actively to close sales is so much better.
The Most Important Thing About Having Quotes &
Amazing Video Testimonials Is Using Them to
“Referrals are the best way to get business. OnFire Reviews takes the clients that you already have, that are happy with their experience, and turn it into a referral to send to anyone at any point in time.”
- Alexis Courtney, FranNet
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