About Us
We saw a need, found a unique solution, and created a new service.
What brings us joy and makes our day is when we are able to share the wonderful things people say about a business. Letting both the company and their prospective clients know the specific reasons current clients enjoy working with them. We all hear what we are doing wrong. It is refreshing to be able communicate what we are doing right.

Having testimonial videos in a clients own voice gives an emotional connection and makes the video feel so authentic.

Our clients have revealed to us many different ways they are using their quotes and videos. They are using them to get leads, convert those leads into appointments, drive business, and shorten the sale process. It is such an awesome feeling to hear about their successes.

How It All Started:
One of our clients needed content for their blogs and website. We had a great idea to call their customers to get testimonials to become content for blogs. As we interviewed their customers, they told us exactly why they bought. We realized we had more than testimonials, we had OnFire Reviews. Through trial and error, we’ve perfected open-ended questions that we use to give the call a conversational feel; getting us the best quotes and most input.

'TC' Teresa Clark, CEO

'TC' stands for ‘Totally Crazy.’ Some days, her business ideas are as unique and unconventional as she is. She has written three eBooks bringing marketing back to the front lines with innovative ideas and techniques; where it should be, but often isn’t.
TC designed the methodology to obtain authentic Reviews / Testimonials that tell why your customers buy. A big part of her day is doing 'Discovery Sessions' with companies to determine exactly what they want clients to say in their testimonials.
Quotes from our clients like these (& the love of her cats) makes her life worth living.
“TC really dug and helped us identify specifically what makes us unique.”
“Questions she asked enabled me to zero in on the value that we bring.”
“TC did some probing & brought up some significant benefits that I was overlooking.”
As a marketing consultant, TC is direct and doesn’t pussy-foot around an issue. When asked for answers, that’s what she gives; direct, hard-hitting advice immediately usable. People tell her, “When I need a good reality check, you tell it like it is.”
Looking for a dynamic, thought provoking, and entertaining speaker for your event? Her favorite topic is: How to USE Testimonials to Get Leads & Close Sales.
She is used to turning challenges into successes—whether it’s launching a successful business the day after 9/11 or staying married to her IT guy for 30 years—she’s figured out how to make things work.

Mary Sullivan, COO

Mary Sullivan is known as 'The Translator' because many people think she can read minds. The magic happens when she is able to translate complex or technical information into terms that people can clearly understand. Because of her experience in process development and technical training she gets to the heart of what is needed to grow a business and revenue. She translates ideas into dollars.
Mary is also referred to as the ‘cat herder extraordinaire’. With all of the detailed steps needed to get OnFire Reviews completed for our clients there is a lot of ‘i’ dotting and ’t’ crossing, which is exactly what she loves to do. She is the one who makes certain that things work just as they are supposed to by implementing systems and processes.
After obtaining a BS in Engineering and writing software, Mary quickly realized that she wanted a little more direct human interaction. Now she directs the workflow with our contractors and has fun saying, 'No' to TC and Bob.

Bob Clark, Co-Founder

Bob is always thinking outside the box; he actually thinks there is no box. He appreciates working with a team that can take his crazy ideas, pick the ones that work, and make them reality.
He loves that he never has a normal day. The only routine is that there is none. Because he is so curious and just has to be “in the know,” he makes sure we stay on top of the constant changes in marketing and internet technologies. He keeps it all working and up to date; even teaching the staff (not always easy).
A win at work is when an 808 Podcast guest trys to give him a bad time.
He truly enjoys connecting people, especially on LinkedIn which he calls his 24hr networking event. His current claim to 15 minutes of fame: He is the #1 recommended person on LinkedIn for “Wearing Hats.”
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